When I started to do a workshop on blogging, a travel blog was the first one I had read. From then I always wanted to do a travel blog, I couldn’t as travelling was only a dream.That’s when appa planned a family trip to Munnar-The place filled with misty mountains and tea plantations.


My father an old generation man made me surf through trivago for three days straight for hotels and eventually told me-hey, I have an old friend of mine he’ll arrange the resort and we’ll get discount!( me be like- this man every time like this, doesn’t understand technology!!). Trip started like that, we started from home early morning and reached there by 12. After checking in and freshening up we started with the site seeing. Munnar is a place filled with the mystic mountains and beautiful landscape of tea plantations. It is thus a place filled with the beauty of mountains and the evergreens of the valley. So, for somebody like me who likes both, this would be a nice place to be. The first on the list was a Tea museum. Tea plantations had started in Munnar years ago by the British. By getting labourers from the local villages tea plantations flourished and the business growed tremendously.Tea museum showed us all the tea related things, the old furniture’s used in the time, tea rollers, old clocks etc. It also had a huge tea factory and the worker explained to us how the tea making process happens. I also got a chance to be a part of the tea manufacturing process. This was all new for me as I hadn’t seen a tea factory or the process before. Different types of tea was sold there and also chocolates with coffee content was found.Different kinds of handcrafts of the land was been seen, agarbattis, essential oils and many more kinds.The next place of visit was the hydel park. The name definitely says something, but honestly nothing much was there. A park with some flowers and statues.But cool, it was fine.

The next day we started after having breakfast straight to top station and the adjoining spots in the route. The first place was the famous Mattupetty dam. So many people may have heard about it. It was indeed beautiful sight to watch and admire.The dam is spread around and it is beautiful to gaze at it and watch its beauty.We spent some time there walking and enjoying the scenery and resumed our journey to Eco point. This is a place where there is a deep mysterious lake and a crowd of high trees adjoining it. One can hear the Eco or sounds of voices been yelled to the trees or the lake. There were several other spots and sceneries to be seen and experienced in the following route. One was the top station. It is somewhat high a point in Munnar and from there you can see a splendid view of the misty mountains and the beautiful geography of the place from a high altitude. We had to park our car and take a small walk through the narrow road to the place or the top point.Walking through the lane witnessing all the street shops near by and reaching the spot was a nice and chilling experience.


The best part of the day was the last spot. The Eravikulam national park. This is where you see the Nilgiri tahr(Varayad) and the famous neelakurinji flower which blooms once in 12 years. Neelakurinji was not there but the Nilgiri tahr was abundantly found in the park. It is a very cute, calm and beautiful animal minding its own business and eating the grass. But this was not just the thing about the park. The park itself was in a very high altitude point , I can’t explain you the sight or my pictures can. It was such a mind blowing sight with big mountains and a small waterfall. The place is called-Rajamala. That was the best place I have ever been. It was so cold, but it was fine. It was so thrilling and a mist capped experience for us.

Nilgiri Thar

The next morning we went to visit a great waterfall near the hotel we stayed.WOW!! Nature’s beauty. We took a walk to the place.The waterfall is present between the tea gardens and a mountain. It was a different waterfall from the rest I had seen. Maybe it is the surroundings and atmosphere that made it different. Especially it was in the morning, there were mist, dew, and the water sprinkling.I just stood there and seized the moment for a while understanding and acknowledging God’s wonderful creations. At night one could hear the roaring sound of water sitting in our balcony in the hotel.

Roadside vendors

I have been to Munnar couple of times, but this time it was different. Last night while sleeping also I could visualise the sights and beauty of the place. It was still in my head and I wanted it to be like that.Cheers to the mystic place and it’s beauty.


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