I had postponed this travel blog so much because basically, I was nervous whether I could show justice to whatever I had seen or experienced. Last Christmas or December we had gone to visit Valparai located in Tamil Nadu, India. Cross the Kerala border and there you are. VALPARAI.

Nature is God’s biggest gift to Mankind.

I had been to a lot of hill stations in and around Kerala and South India and was quite familiar with the pattern of things you could see. Valparai was always on our list but this is the time we could make it possible. There is a difference between this place and other places I had seen. I can’t possibly say what was it or what are the elements. But there was something.

Located in a very high altitude the place is covered with mist most of the time. The scenic beauty you can experience in Valparai is unique and marvelous compared to other places. You would call me crazy if I say this, but everything seems blue here. The clear sky is blue, the lakes and rivers, the atmosphere covered with mist. Everything is blue here. And that is one of the things that I noticed here. Valparai is a place located in high altitude and also covered with forest. And that is why this place has no noise or busyness. It is located so far away somewhere and you feel like if you are here then nobody will disturb you. Nothing can take away your peace and serenity.

Not all roads lead to uncertainity- Some lead to beautiful destinations

It has beautiful dams, lakes, tea gardens, divine landscapes, trees, and an atmosphere covered with mist. You may feel like just getting away in that mist covered roads. Small factories that produce essentials for business especially tea, stalls that serve hot masala tea and natural honey, villages which are less crowed with limited buildings, all this makes this place a proper getaway from our so-called normal lives.

Capturing moments- My brothers Alen and Aaron. Aaron love to squeeze Alen like this and get some joy out of it.

We stayed in a resort which was very very pretty. It had a lot of rooms, quite a good balcony and it was solely in a space filled with pets and good scenery. You will feel like sitting there and plotting a good novel.

The pretty place

The best part of the trip was- there was no network. We couldn’t get mobile coverage here and thus all the noise in life was settled for a while. I never felt like checking my phone. When I was there I was completely at peace within myself- devoid of thoughts and worries. At night I stayed up a little longer like a 5-year-old girl and was gazing at the sky. I could see a lot of stars. Big and small ones. I asked myself- ‘When was the last time I counted stars like this’ ?? This whole adulting thing is making us less enjoy the little things of life.

From the hills

In our journey, we met a family from Calicut, Kerala. Very sweet people, just like the sweets in Calicut. Very kind people and wonderful human beings. I had heard a lot about Calicut people. But it was the first time I had experienced it from somewhere. We shared our lives and had a nice time meeting them.

The Night has a lot to say.

I think there is so much that every journey can teach you. Sometimes you take a part of the place within yourself. To more days of beauty and travel.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” ― Jack Kerouac


  1. Brilliant one Aleena! I feel like visiting Valparai right now! You’ve described it soo beautifully


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