Vaikom Muhammad Basheer- An Indian writer, a Malayalee novelist from Kerala. If somebody ever asks me about my favorite writer from Kerala I would give this name.
So, this happened a year ago, I had completed my engineering studies and was taking a break from life. Me, being a prolific reader took this as a great opportunity to read some good books and know some good authors. That’s when I thought of Basheer and his books, strolling through the book store my eyes just fell on his beautiful novels and hence started reading them. Trust me, those were one of the most exciting and best days of my life. For, I had never felt this intense feeling of love, humor, and happiness.

Some of the beautiful lines from the love letter

I had known him since a school kid. But I never had read his entire novels. And when I started with one I had no option other than to start another one. Like that it went on. It was a very beautiful and exciting journey, getting to know him and his stories.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

A completely hilarious and simple human being. I have heard somewhere that sarcasm and humor are the best forms of intelligence. Maybe that’s true. In his case, definitely. His stories are all simple ones that happen in Kerala or maybe (his hometown). The way he portrays them are so beautiful and amazing. Anybody who reads them have a very nice time. After reading his novels, the relationship that we have within ourselves changes. We appreciate us more, remembering we all belong to the same human species, small and flawed. We appreciate love a little too much , beauty a little too much , nature a little too much and all the little things, a little too much.

The love letter- Premalekhanam

My favorite book of Basheer is Premalekhnam or (a love letter). A story about Saramma and Keshavan Nair. People belonging to different religious backgrounds, yet choose to love each other. The beauty and love in the book are insane that anybody will start feeling it in their hearts.

There are several other novels too, which I have read- Balyakalasakhi (childhood friends), nteuppupan oru ana ondarn, mathilukal etc. Some of his stories are his own life experiences and that is why it invokes a certain level of understanding to the reader.

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.”

― Oscar Wilde

Through his books I realized that to be a good writer, you just need to be a good person with good experiences and plot them into a very simple language. His stories and books can be understood by any normal person, there is nothing too extravagant in it and maybe that is why people of all types can read them and enjoy them.

The romance in his novels is too good to be real. Something that anybody wants to see and experience. But it is not perfect as such, which again concludes that we are all humans with complexities of emotions. Imperfectly perfect.

The characters in his novels sometimes get a little too stuck in my mind and it is sometimes hard to get them out and whenever I feel like, I read a few lines from his books and then gaze to the wall that how wonderful something can be.

After a while of reading, it was very difficult for me to understand the fact that this human is no more alive on this planet, otherwise, I would have traveled miles just to see him, at least from a distance.
I just wished If I had lived in his era, then I could see this beautiful person and discuss about books with him.
Even today, I discuss his novels to people who are interested and I still search for his books to read whenever I am free. To get back to one of the best feelings in the world…


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