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VARKALA. The beachside with immense uniqueness and mystery. Varkala or the Varkala cliff is the most unique beach you can find in Kerala, India. Located in the capital of Kerala, Varkala is located in Thiruvanthapuram and just 22 km from Kollam. The authentic beach destination which can be reached either by train or by car.


Varkala is different in its own way, compared to all the beach destinations that we can find in Kerala. Located somewhat interior area this beautiful beach destination is truly authentic and chilly to the tourists and travelers.
I visited Varkala during the Christmas vacation of 2018 and it was one of the most beautiful and memorable Christmas I have had in the longest time. Varkala has the most beautiful and serene beaches which are a little bit secluded and small but complete in their own way. One can spend a long period staying there and never get bored of the waves, the sunshine, or the night sky.

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No matter wherever you stay in Varkala, you can witness the beach from your windows and sleep with the noise of waves at night. The Varkala cliff is the major site where one can witness the beach from a higher space and also see a lot of exciting shops, resorts, and restaurants.

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There are a lot of restaurants in the lane that serve amazing seafood, which can be enjoyed watching the beach and all the people around the globe visit the place. All kinds of people from natives and citizens to international travelers. If you walk down the street you can find a lot of hotels and resorts with outdoor facilities and an environment which helps people to stay and witness the waves and their movements.

Sitting at a beach side with fine wine during Christmas.

Varkala also provides a lot of fun activities like Paragliding, Kayaking, or surfing. You can see people doing Paragliding while sitting on the cliff. It’s actually a very fun and happy thing to watch.

“The Ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, Mysterious, Wild & Free” – Unknown

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Varkala reaches its whole during the night, it’s a beautiful sight to watch all the hotels and restaurants lit up and all the noise of people echoing in between the sound of the waves. A walk by that side will definitely let you experience what I am literally talking about and during Christmas time there are still a heavy lot of other specialties as well.

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“Like seashells we are beautiful and unique each with a story to tell” – Unknown

At night it was good to interact with some of the travelers and spent time at a small party organized by the resort team. With dance, music, and DJ, the night was filled with color and joy.
Varkala and its life was a truly remarkable and joyful memory and one of the best Christmas I ever had.


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