This new year of mine started as a very good one. I visited Kuttikanam, a nearby weekend getaway from my home town in Kerala, India.


Due to my work and the travel restrictions of Covid-19, it was pretty much difficult to set aside for a bigger trip. So, we decided on visiting a nearby hill station.
Kuttikanam has always been a beautiful travel destination for most of the people in the nearby town and also for people far away in the state. It is a small and calm hill station and you can get there very easily by road. Due to the months of sitting at home and creating unnecessary problems and scenarios, it was heartwarming for me to get there and have three days of fun and exposure.

Beautiful Church

We stayed in a very cozy place, a very old resort space that has been occupied by a lot of people in the past. It was already peaceful to see the place from a distance and realize it is located at a certain height. A beautiful compound area where you can sit, relax or think and watch the hills from that very spot itself.

Pine forest.

At new year’s eve, there was a small and humble party with music and lights. I was so happy to get along with the gathering and have some time after months of sitting at home and getting to a point of saturation. The most specific detail I noticed about the space was constant wind, especially a very chilly one. This was more during the nights. I was getting a little carried away by the wind and its subtle movement from time to time.

Doorway to heaven. Panchalimedu.

A very good part of this kind of place is, everywhere there will be a small tea stall with the radio on and there will amazing old songs playing in the background in high volume. Honestly, it is not possible to see or hear such good and old things in the places we are been to usually.
Met a very crazy fellow named Charlie there. A guy who is a wanderer and likes to roam around in different places. It was good to meet him and have a brief talk. Then he left, which was also a good thing.

A space in the heights.

Wrapping up, it was indeed a small but refreshing getaway, and still happy to start the new year with such a place. 2021 was so far good for me. Hope everyone is happy and healthy. So, see you in the next blog post.

Aleena 🌚⚡️

Image courtesy- Author


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